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27 Oct

Hi Everyone,  I’ll be posting what I hope to be useful lessons learned from remodeling a  California rancher.

This blog will hopefully be great for folks who want to improve energy efficiency in their homes and do other home improvements and didn’t know how affordable it could be by doing it themselves with the right products and a few tips.

I’ll share my results so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes (and from smart research), and save money and time if you’re doing the same kind of home improvements and retrofits.  Plus it’ll be good for me to remember where I bought what for how much when I move on to my next project.

I grew up in Switzerland, and I can tell you that construction is a tad different there.  I hope to compare the two styles some day.  You know, they build something that lasts 700 years.  When I arrived here, my first room had drafts to the outside, it was in freezing Chicago.  I’m still recovering from the amazement of building with 2x4s, 4x4s, plywood, why crawlspaces exist, why everyone wants central air, etc

Okay, welcome and write lots of comments!

Coming up: how I installed hydronic radiant heat system for less than $2000